With the internet as the fastest growing form of commercial exchange in the world, the need for tighter security is paramount. Therefore, Red River Community Credit Union has taken a serious approach to security. From the ground up, we have implemented a security system that safeguards your money and keeps your account information private. Red River Community Credit Union has been equipped with a protected environment using a nationally recognized networking architecture consisting of data encryption throughout the transmission to prevent unauthorized access.

Layers of security include automatic sign-off, encryption, firewalls, and password lockout.

Automatic Sign Off

Sometimes you may be using a remote computer when you're banking online, thus remembering to sign off is very important. However, if you do forget to sign off, Red River Federal Credit Union will automatically sign off for you after a predetermined time period of inactivity. This will prevent anyone from accessing your account.


Red River utilizes different types of technology to ensure the confidentiality of its transactions through the Internet, such as Netscape's SSL protocol. SSL is an open protocol for securing data communications across computer networks which provides secure channels for data transmission through encryption. SSL also provides transfer capabilities of digitally signed certificates for authentication procedures. Certificates of authentication offers message integrity, thus ensuring that data can not be modified after its sent .


The credit union is protected by a firewall, which is a barrier between the outside Internet and the internal credit union network. The firewall verifies each network packet and determines whether to permit access. All incoming IP traffic is actually addressed to the firewall, which only allows pertinent information to flow into the credit union.

Password Lockout

In order to bank online, you need to know a unique password. If someone else is trying to enter a password to view your banking information, he/she won't get very far. Red River Federal Credit Union allows only 3 chances to enter a password. After 3 failed attempts, it is determined to be fraudulent activity and the account is "locked out." No further login attempts will be allowed.

Red River Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing alternative banking options with stringent security measures for our members. We have your privacy, protection, and piece of mind at the forefront of our online banking solution, GVNET.