Fee Schedule

Super Money Market Account Fees
Low Balance$10.00 per Month

If minimum balance is not met

Money Market Premium Account Fees
Withdrawal$15.00 per Withdrawal

In excess of three (3) per month

Savings Account Fees
Excess Withdrawal$1.00 per Withdrawal

In excess of two (2) per month in person or by phone

Telephone Transfer$5.00

Savings to Checking

Early Closure of Savings Account$5.00

if less than six (6) months

Checking Account Fees
Premature Account Closing$15.00

if checking account is closed within 90 days of opening

Overdraft transfers$2.00 per item
NSF$25.00 per Item for a paid item
$28.00 per item for returned item
Sustained Overdraft Fee$5.00 per day

if account is overdrawn after 5 business days

Returned Deposit Item$2.00 per Item
NSF Pre-Authorized Withdrawl$25.00 per item
Stop Payment$5.00 per item
Check PrintingPrice may vary dependning upon style
Platinum Checking Account Feeds

Low Balance

$6.00/Month if minimum balance is not met
EFT Fees
ATM Transaction/Inquiry$1.00per Transaction/Inquiry

At Non-Proprietary ATMs

ATM Inquiry$0.25 per Inquiry

At ATMs owned by the credit union

NSF ATM Withdrawl$25.00 per item
Card Replacement$10.00 per Card
ACH Overdraft Transfer$2.00 per Item
Debit Card Overdraft$2.00 per Item
Tax Levy/Garnishment$35.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Size 3x10$22.00 per Year
Annual Rental Size 5x10$30.00 per Year
Annual Rental Size 10x10$45.00 per Year
Drilling of BoxesActual Cost
Key Deposit$10.00 per Key
Key Replacement$10.00 per Key
Share Value / Membership Fee
Per Value of One Share$5.00
Other Service Fees
Foreign Returned Item Member Cash$ 5.00 1st day
$10.00 2nd day
$ 5.00 for every day until payment is received
Items Sent For Collection$5.00 Minimum/Item
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$6.00 per Transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$15.00 per Transfer (Domestic)
Wire Transfer (Incoming/Outgoing)$50.00 per Transfer (Foreign)
Cashier's Check$3.00 per Check
Check Cashing$3.00 per check under $50.00 and $5.00 per Check $50.00 or more

If member has less than $100.00 as their aggregate average monthly balance.

Temporary ChecksFirst 10 free with New Account
$1.00/each thereafter
Check Image$3.00/each
Account Reconciliation$20.00 per Hour
Account Research$20.00 per Hour
Money Order$2.00 per Check
Statement Copy$5.00 per Copy
Account Activity Printout$2.00 per Printout
Dormant Account$25.00 per Year

Charged after one (1) year and account balance less than $100.00

Automatic Transfer$2.00 per Transfer
Photo copy$2.00/Copy
Fax (Incoming)$1.00 per Fax
Fax (Outgoing)$2.00 per Fax

2 pages $1.00 per page thereafter

Coin Counting5% of total transaction if member has less than $100.00 as their aggregate average monthly balance
Night Drop

member property


Night drop bag & Keys

OPEN IRA Account

IRA Closing



The rates appearing in this schedule are accurate as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated on this Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.