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Free, paperless eStatements are good for the environment, and the lack of a paper trail reduces the risk of identity theft. But let's be honest. The biggest benefit is replacing an overstuffed, busting apart shoebox with a bona fide online recordkeeping system that works. Statements arrive via email, and you can save them to disc or hard drive easily.

  • Free, easy service
  • Simplifies recordkeeping
  • Files are easier to retrieve
  • Save/print/download them easily
  • Reduces risk of identity theft
  • Statements arrive around the 5th of each month
Sign Up for E-Statements


1. Log into your online banking account

2. click on E-Documents Tab

3. Select Third Party E-Documents

4. Click View

5. Verify that you are viewing "Electronic Only"

6. Click "I Agree"

7. Verify Flash Player (Case Sensitive)

8. Click OK

You are NOW signed up for Electronic ONLY Statements. Your monthly or quarterly statement will now be sent to the Email address we have on file.