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Online Banking

Our free online banking is a tremendous time-saving convenience for all members. You can log on anywhere in the world to view real-time balance information, transfer funds, make loan payments, and pay all your bills online. You'll miss out on the free lollipop, but the bank-in-your-slippers convenience should make up for that.

  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Securely encrypted*
  • Use from any computer with internet access
  • Free to all members
  • Free online bill pay included
  • Easily keep finances more organized
  • View account balances and activity
  • See if specific checks/payments have cleared
  • Transfer funds between accounts

*Once online with your credit union, your transactions and personal information are secured by sophisticated encryption software that converts the information into code readable by only your credit union.


A User ID and Password is required to log in to our services. Services are provided through a secure connection.

What is Multi Factor Authentication? It is a security feature an image and phrase each time you logon to Red River FCU. Users of On-Line Banking authenticate themselves to gain access. On-Line Banking will reciprocate and will also authenticate itself to you. You will know with certainty that you are visiting Red Rivers On-Line Banking because you will be presented.

Follow these steps to set-up your ON-line Banking:

Step #1 Go to:

In the top left hand corner is the Online Banking & Bill Payer Log in

Step #2 Click on the Button

Step #3 User Id: is your account number

Step #4 Password: The first time you login use the last 4 digits of the primary members SS#

Step #5 Security Features: Logging in with our security features:

To start the Multi Factor Authentication.

  • Enroll or Delay if you have time to go through the following set up.
  • Pick a Passmark (Picture) and Passphrase
  • Click change image to select a Passmark picture, choose a picture that is recognizable to you.
  • The Passphrase corresponds with the picture as added security. It can be a word or a phrase ex: "Oklahoma" or "Time for Coffee" The purpose is only for your recognition. It has nothing to do with the password.
  • Choose three (3) security questions and answers to be used whenever you are using a public computer.
  • Select if you are currently at your personal computer or a public computer.
  • Click next

• Review everything you have chosen and submit the information.

• You will now be instructed to change your password and view your account.

ADD: to your email address book to avoid our emails being sent to your SPAM Mail

DO NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Acct #, SS #, etc) in your email.

Red River does not solicit information on your account via email or use third parties to request information on your accounts. Anytime you are in doubt as to the validity of an email requesting account information, please contact us prior to responding to the email.

If you have difficulty logging in please check our FAQ, click the Forgot your password link, call us at

(580) 482-7965 or toll free (866) 345-7965 or email us at