Text Banking - now available!

TEXT Banking
–provides access to account balances, recent transaction history and money transfers between accounts. (This is set up ifor the primary account only at the present time.)
  • Sign into your online banking and click onthe services tab
  • Under e-services click on Text Banking
  • Input the information required
  • Add your mobile phone number
  • You will receive your activation code by text
  • Enter the activation code, click FINISH
  • You will receive a text msg from 580-482-7965

Put this phone number in your contacts and label it TEXT BANKING

The message will read:  HEADER Red River Federal Credit Union…

This message will also display a menu for Text Banking

B – account balance

B acct – balance on specific account (ex. BS00)  * See Account Types Below

H – most recent transactions on a specific account (ex. H S00)

T to transfer – from acct, to acct, amount (ex. T S00 S30 100.00)

MENU – list of available commands

REPLY ‘STOP” to unsubscribe


00 = Main Share                                    43 = Simply Free Checking 
10 = Christmas Club                              44 = 50 Plus Checking

20 = Escrow                                          45 = VIP Checking
30 = Value Plus Checking                      46 = Platinum Checking
31 = Best Checking                               47 = Business Free Checking
32 = SR Best Checking                           48 = Business Checking
33 = FREE Checking
34 = iTunes Checking
35 = High Yield Checking
40 = Super Money Market
6 = Line of Credit