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Coming in April 2019….. Red River will be changing DEBIT/ATM processing vendors.  We will be sending new DEBIT/ATM cards to all users as part of the conversion.  Starting now when you are conducting business we will be asking for updates on your account information, address, telephone numbers and email addresses.Please be patient, this conversion is going to provide amazing new services. 


 If you have lost your Red River ATM/Debit Card, you may be concerned it could have fallen into the wrong hands.  To eliminate concern, you now have the ability to place a "FREEZE" on it.  This renders your card unusable.  If you find your card, you can just as easily "UNFREEZE" it.
NOTE:  If you can't find your card for an extended period of time, report it as Lost or Stolen by calling 800-528-2273.

ATTENTION! Traveling out of the country? 

If you are planning to travel out of state or out of the country and will be using your Red River FCU Visa Credit Card or Debit, please contact the Credit Union prior to your trip. Call 580-482-7965.

Safety Alert

Remember to change the passwords you use online on a regular basis. Also, if using a public WiFi, be sure not to go into sites that would reveal your account information.

 We want everyone to know that we are continually communicating with our web host and Virtual Branch about the security of our site. They assure us that all security methods are in place and no interruption of service has occurred. Our firewalls are secure and your information continues to be safe and protected. 

Be sure to keep your contact information current. Do we have your correct address, home phone or cell number? Please be sure to keep us updated in case we need to contact you.

 WE GO WHERE YOU GO!!!  Deposit your checks on the GO! 
00 = Main Share
10 = Christmas Club
20 = Value Plus Checking
30 = Value Plus Checking
31 = Best Checking
32 = SR Best Checking
33 = FREE Checking
34 = iTunes Checking
35 = High Yield Checking
36 = FREE Checking 2
37 = Red E Checking
38 = Senior Checking
39 = Business Checking
40 = Super Money Market
41 = Super Money Market Premium
43 = Simply FREE Checking
44 = 50 Plus Checking
45 = VIP Checking
46 = Platinum Checking
47 = Business Simply FREE Checking
Business Checking
  6 = Line of Credit

CROSS ACCOUNTS must be set up with a new account representative. If you have set up cross accounts, transfers can be made from and to your other accounts or to another members account.

Online Banking - If your email address does not match the email on your account, You will not be able to complete the online Home Banking registration. Please contact us to update your email address. 

Year-End Statements: Keep these statements for year end tax purposes.