Switch Kit

Ready to Change Your Financial Institution?

Red River Federal Credit Union's Switch Kit will help you make a smooth transition to quality service, lower fees, and better than market rates on deposits and loans.

Switching is easy. Simply follow these steps:

1. Open a New Account

Membership requires an initial $5.00 deposit to your new savings account. This $5.00 remains on deposit at all times. Include a copy of your current valid driver's license with the completed membership application and other necessary forms to switch your account to Red River.

2. Online Banking Services

Sign up for RRFCU's FREE online banking with bill pay, e-statements, and check imaging.

3. Stop using your old checking account

Keep your old checking account open until your direct deposit and automatic payments take effect and until ALL outstanding checks clear.

4. Change or sign up for Direct Deposit

Use the attached Direct Deposit Form to inform your employer or other organizations that you have a new Red River FCU account. Fill out the form using the account and routing numbers from your new Red River FCU account.

Direct Deposit of Social Security or Government Checks.

The fastest way to change the direct deposit of your Social Security benefit is to call:

  • Social Security/SSI:1-800-772-1214
  • Veteran's Benefits:1-800-827-1000

Already getting federal benefit payments by paper check? Switch today!

You must make the switch from paper federal benefit checks to electronic payments by March 1, 2013.Learn more or sign up now.

If you do not choose an electronic payment option by March 1, 2013, or at the time you apply for federal benefits, you will receive your payments via the Direct Express® card so you will not experience any interruption in payment.

5. Change any automatic payments

If you have any monthly payments, such as utility or loan payments, automatically deducted from your account you can use the attached Automatic Payment Change Request to inform these companies of your new account information.

6. Close your old account

Once your checks have cleared and your automatic payments have been changed to your new account, fill out the attached form to inform your former financial institution that you wish to close your account.